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The LEGO Hero Factory designs, builds and dispatches robot heroes to fight villains, solve crises and restore peace across the Galaxy – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Factory is situated in the amazing Makuhero City, a modern metropolis with rich neighborhoods and home to millions of living robots. The heroes defend their city and the entire Galaxy from the nefarious Von Nebula and his dangerous henchmen.

LEGO Hero Factory is a popular line of LEGO toys that always sell out fast, especially as we get closer to Christmas. So don't wait another minute, click the buttons you see on the right and get them now while they are still in the stock.


LEGO Hero Factory Furno Bike

Roar into action with the new LEGO Hero Factory Furno Bike! The bike is equipped with a powerful engine, front steering and dual Plasma Blasters. This LEGO Factory Hero bike gives rookie team leader William Furno the power and speed he needs to complete the toughest missions. LEGO Hero Factory Furno Bike includes William Furno himself, as well as spinning rubber tires with treads, working kickstand and flame windshield art.


LEGO Hero Factory Drop Ship

Pick up and drop off Hero pods wherever needed with the LEGO Hero Factory Drop Ship! With the LEGO Hero Factory pilot at the controls, this drop ship can take rookies and heroes anywhere they are needed in the Galaxy – in no time at all! The drop ship can also provide cover fire with its H4 Force Ball Shooter, as well as flap wings and fly. The ship features realistic details, including stealth wings, soft exhaust hoses and fins.


LEGO Hero Factory Six Pack

The fantastic LEGO Hero Factory Six Pack includes 6 heroes, all with a mission of their own, a path to freedom and glory, all for one and one for all. A central piece of LEGO Hero factory series, it features William Furno and his five teammates, all armed with their unique weaponry and ready for action.


LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula

LEGO Hero Factory Von NebulaAlert! Mission Control Center reports that the mysterious LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula, the leader of a powerful gang of villains, is about to attack! He is heavily armed and highly dangerous. Beware his black hole generating staff and vicious spiky armor – he is out for revenge against the LEGO Hero Factory and he won't stop at nothing until he gets his revenge.


LEGO Hero Factory Rotor

Warning, heroes! Incoming object is identified as LEGO Hero Factory Rotor, one of Von Nebula's most dangerous minions. LEGO Hero Factory Rotor can use his dangerous biohazard gas attack from anywhere, as he is capable of incredible speeds and mobility using his helicopter jet pack.

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